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Your Feedback

How interesting do you find the course?
Were your questions answered appropriately? (if any)
Overall rating of this workshop/course?
Did you benefit from this course / workshop?

Thank you!

Samuel Chia

One thing that stood out to me was the clarification of what rule of thirds was. I was glad the instructor said what a wrong use of rule of thirds was. Whenever someone taught me RO3 they never really say what is a right or wrong way to take a RO3 shot.

Lim Qi Xuan

Alex Siew is great, he provides interactive and entertaining lessons during my 2 hour training and would like to learn more from him

Jessica Panjang

Through this course, I gained so many new insights on various photography tools and techniques! Thank you!

Pranish Manesh

Alex was very informative and thorough with his explanations. I understand more about iso, white balance, shutter speed and more. With his background in product design, it helps with our learning goal and photography skills.

Muhammad Aizuddin

I have been searching for a photography class for a long time. And maybe I have issues with funding myself to get to such classes. But this class which was set up by my Lecturer is one of the most fruitful workshop that I have done in such a short time. Thanks so much.

Bugata Sameeksha

I really enjoyed the practical part with the three activities! There were a lot of new techniques that I have learnt. Thanks for coming! P.S. I also enjoyed the motivational messages :)


Thank you for the interesting and fun sessions ! really learnt a lot regarding the equipments used and different techniques in photography :)

Branda Pek

Alex is a very knowledgeable facilitator and the content learnt was very beneficial and very applicable for my future product photography

Teo Wei Hong Bryan

For the first time I didn't know much about basic photography knowledge but upon this workshop I really did improve a lot in terms of how to use photograph technique and identify which shot falls into the photograph technique and overall I am satisfy with the workshop overall and Uncle Alex really put up a great presentation and his explaination is clear and able to answer student question effectively all in all its a well done and can't wait to join next time


Hi Mr Alex dont lose this uplifting positive energy you radiate :) your lessons gave me new perspectives and skills and I hope my pictures become more aesthetically pleasing :)))

Denson Ng Jing Zhi

I learned so much things about photography from Alex, he and his team make so much effort and did a good job for our artwork. He is very friendly and kind towards other students, he make an effort to teacher student more about photography

Fabian Doh

A lot of effort was pre - prepared prior to the sessions by the trainer. As Mr Alex endeavored do his best. Has a lot of ideas and innovations too. Thanks a lot Mr Alex

Ei Ei

Alex is not just passionate about photography but truly educating the students. Before the training, he builds rapport with the students by first getting to know them. He helps students to think through their decisions during the training and ensures that he teaches them the correct way of handling equipments before shooting proceeds. Alex is generous in his sharing and is able to think from the students perspectives yet meeting the needs of the school.


Alex goes the extra mile and takes time to understand the different profiles and learning needs of the students. This is evident in his detailed planning and how he carries out each lesson. His lessons have been highly engaging for the students. His planned activities and delivery keep students meaningfully engaged, while supporting their learning needs such that the students experience success in achieving targeted skills for the lesson.


Patient, Caring, Innovative. Those are the words I will use to describe my working experience with Alex Siew. Back in 2018 and 2019, CHIJ Katong Convent invited him multiple times to conduct either a one-time workshop or a series of workshops for CCA over the academic year for our students. Many of the students feedback that they have enjoyed his lessons over the course of the year

Kenneth Khoo

Alex Siew actively encourages and guides the participants on the techniques and skills in handling filming equipment and the post-production works. He carries with him rich experience from the industry and shows effective ways to putting theory into practice. On top of being exposed to the useful gears and storytelling elements, you will also get the opportunity to put your theory into practice with proper guidance from an industry expert so that you can achieve your desired production.

Alvin Chen

Alex has vast knowledge in the field of photography and is willing to impart the skills to any student who is keen to learn. Whether a student has prior photography experience or is completely new, there's always something new to learn. Alex is proficient in his craft and in instruction. He can single-handedly mentor a few different groups simultaneously while keeping everyone meaningfully engaged. He is able to catch the mistakes of students and turn then into a learning point for the class.

Anthony Lee

Alex Siew has always well prepared for each lesson where he able to facilitated well in the class with proper and well prepared teaching tools with him to show case to the students with better understanding on the topics covered. His way and style of conducting lesson to students are very
engaging, creative and professional, where each knowledge he introduced to the students, he always provide good examples to the students which made better understanding for the students on the topics he has covered; and the students were able to follow and learnt from him attentively.


Alex is able to connect well with the youths, and is well respected by them. During the sessions, his explanations were clear and hence able to help students to grasp the various photography techniques easily. He also encouraged students to be creative and consider various angles in photography that may not have been typically thought of. Alex also gives very clear and explicit instructions, hence students are always in the know of what they were supposed to do (assignment for the day) and what was expected of them (handling of the dslr camera). The best part of the programme is the show case where the students' work are being displayed and acknowledged by their teachers and peers.

Pamela Chong

Thank you for the ePIC and engaging talk yesterday! I have picked up many tips and tricks that will be useful for future clinical photography

Ashleigh Kaitlyn Longue

When I was young I always wanted to be a photographer and this workshop has taken me several steps closer to that dream.


please come back uncle alex !! you're a humourous and inspiring teacher and i've benefitted so much from your lessons : D

Natasha Lee

Keep up with the hilarious lessons and we are only yawning because we are either tired or haven't eaten, not because your lesson is boring! :))

Abadiano Anika Julia Macabata

Thank you for everything! I really enjoyed your workshop. Hope to see you soon! :)

Janice Chang

very engaging and i learnt alot from this course, i really enjoyed it was fun and informative

Goh Joon Cher

Mr Alex was very entertaining and also very efficient. He knows when to joke around to make the classes more fun and entertaining as well as when to be serious in order to make sure that we learn properly. He is also very patient with his teaching and also makes sure that everyone participates so that we all get to learn.

Le joon rei

Thank you for the guidance throughout each lesson, and I have learnt a lot about photography.


I am so thankful to this course it opened me up to a new world and tot me a way to not be sad when its over. Special thanks to Mr Alex and Mrs Tiny!!

Heng G L

Thank you Alex for your guidance and sharing. We definitely enjoyed and benefited from this course. Thank you once again. Cheers

Kwok Kum Wah

I had a wonderful time attending your photography lessons which were very lively and fun. And had the pleasure getting to know liked-minded photography enthusiast classmates. I really cherished the times we were together learning and sharing.

Fabian Doh

A lot of effort was pre - prepared prior to the sessions by the trainer. As Mr Alex endeavored do his best. Has a lot of ideas and innovations too. Thanks a lot Mr Alex

Mr Sia

Alex's always focuses on the students' learning. He has an uncanny ability to connect and reach out to his students. This enables the students to learn in a comfortable and cordial environment. He uses everyday experiences and examples to make learning fun and easier.

James lim

Alex is an engaging instructor and is able to make relevant concepts in lessons to different contexts. Enjoyed it!

Michelle Roberts

Want to thank Mr Alex and Ms tiny for their time with us !! I am sure we really enjoyed it and learned so so much from this experience! See you around !

Robert Fok

Alex..is fantastic in presenting the course. He make is so fun & lively. His knowledge on the subject is excellent. We had gain vast amount of knowledge n practical skill in this course. Thumbs up to Alex.

Wang Xinyu, Chloe

This programme was very fun and meaningful!! The trainers were super friendly and approachable!! If there was a programme like this again, I will surely take part!!

Steve Elrick

Alex has great, laid back , confident down to earth style! Set me up with good basic foundation!