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peace, love, happiness

Harnessing the camera as a tool to advocate for peace, love, and happiness, ultimately striving for an all-inclusive society.

Our Services


Our unique approach combines the essence of both documentation and journalism, with a hint of art.


Imagine being able to capture your entire event from the air, showing it filled with thousands of your participants.


From capturing the moment, to instant prints. We provide superior quality prints of various sizes at competitive pricing.


To us, it is not just about learning the technical aspects of photography; it is about a journey where you and your camera become ONE.


Using our creative and technical skills to encapsulate your smiles and all those heart-warming moments.

"If you love what you do, you'll never work another day."

At EMO STUDIOS, our passion for our work drives us every day. It empowers us to pour our energy into perfecting our craft. Our clients appreciate our comprehensive range of photography and videography services, and we hope you will too!

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Beyond our craft

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Contributing back

We believe that everyone should have access to photography, which is why we launched “Your Camera - My World”.
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Support for initiatives

We offer services at up to a 50% discount off our regular fees for non-profit organizations or community-driven projects.
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Ccommunity engagements

Engage with the art of photography through community interactions, resulting in diverse outcomes that encompass visual content and audience impact.
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Your kind words

Claudia Lim

Alex has the world's best job - for he is embracing a profession that is also his lifelong passion. His works are the epitome of excellence - a result of his artistic flair and dedication to the details. But it is his personable nature that is leaving the deepest impression. He has a knack for making people feel at ease while attending to the technicality. It is of little wonder why EMO STUDIOS has grow to where it is now. May EMO STUDIOS continues to forge many new milestones for years to come!

Angelia Chew

Its has always been an excellent pleasure to work with Alex and his team. Their professionalism and attention to detail in recognising that capturing moments are special to each single occasion when we engage their service. Keep up the dedication and I am confident you will continue to be successful in more years to come!

Dan Lim

All businesses seek to have profitability, scalability and longevity.  These attributes as part of the company's success. May your team continue to uphold quality work as that is the sure path to success. 

Ryan Chua

Congratulations!!! It's been wonderful working with Alex for our various workshops! Thank you for always doing a good job in inspiring the participants and ensuring they have a good time! Looking forward to many more collaborations with you!

Lin yuyi

I truly enjoyed working with alex and his team for my events. It had been a breeze, fuss free and importantly alex had always been so accommodating and he know his job well. Great photo shoots and he is great at taking candid shots as well which i grade it as the priceless moment expression. Thank u Alex.

Shirley Loo-Lim

The family photo that you took for us is very treasured and it is hung at a prominent location. My grand daughter took a copy of this photo with her as she is now at university in London and this photo is displayed in her college room. Your name, as our photographer, will always be remembered. All the very best to you .

Stephanie Tiu

Very excited and glad to have been a part of your journey. Your impact and touch on others' lives through your photography have been heartwarming. Continue the great heart work and greater achievements ahead! Best Wishes.

Yonglun Liu

Alex is a great educator who can inspire those he teach. He has a passion for his craft and wants to share his joy of photography with the younger generation!

Steve Tan

It's been great knowing you from all those years back. 10 years! Wow, that's something. Thank you for being part of a critical part of me and Sarah's lives too. All the best for many years and beyond! Congratulations!

Senthil M

Keep the good images coming along and making changes in peoples lives by letting them remember their proud and happy moments. All the best for Many More Anniversaries to come!

Tang Kuan Yee

Working at Pixta gave me the opportunity to be able to work with you on shoots, and you were very professional and well-prepared for the shoots we were on. The responsiveness from your side when I was coordinating shoots really assisted in making the shoots a smooth one, and the images produced by you are always very impressive. The colours are rich and the whole image feels impactful even though it is a stock photo shoot. On set, you were courteous and humble; and you would quietly but efficiently deliver quality photos. I always enjoy looking at the your photos! Please keep up with the good work!

Caryn Chua

I first met Alex at his cozy studio 2 years ago. He is a warm and thoughtful friend. Throughout my interactions with Alex these 2 years i feel his commitment and devotion on his career. I strongly believe it is his passion for photography that has brought the studio and him to achieve so much. I will definitely come to Alex for his professional help in the near future ! May you and the studio soar greater heights in the next decade !

Grace Tan

We have always loved your photos Alex! The shots are always very heartwarming and close to the heart, just like our friendship and your sincerity. We really look forward to more fruitful years to come and may EMO STUDIOS prosper and grow, just like our friendship!

Kwek Ke Yuan

It's amazing to have you as my teacher in photography. You had laid a strong foundations for me. And it's also great thank you for agreeing to be my wedding photographer. You are my no.1 Choice. Hope to work with you more in the future, and can't wait to see more amazing shots from you.

Paulyn Lim

Congratulations to Alex & team for the success in your business. Your services are always marvellous and reliable! We wish you all the success for many more years to come. And we hope to continue doing business with you in future.

Khng Eu Meng

I first came to know Alex Siew while working as the Adjunct Director of Corporate Relations in the Republic Polytechnic some seven years ago. His high photographic skills, creativity, dedication and friendly demeanour made him someone who is very easy to work with. There was always discussion, an exchange of innovative ideas and a sense of mutual respect. I found him to be very professional in all that he does and over time this working relationship developed into a cosy friendship. Wishing emo-studios many more years of success!

Jansen Lim

Alex Siew had done some photography and product design work for me and was very happy and satisfied with the end result. A great person to work with and also a good friend. And now I am happiest to see your photography business, skills and beliefs growing by leaps and bounds. Here's wishing you all the best going forward.

Coel Tan

Alex always deliver more than just photography. He never fail to amaze us with his creativity and high standards of works. Keep up the great work!

Janet Ho

It has been a wonderful experience partnering with EMO Studios on several projects. Alex, thank you for been a great mentor and your passion on Photography has inspire us to appreciate and love this art.

Shaaron Tan

I have always appreciated your creative photography and am looking forward to working with you! Wishing Emo Studios all the best and scale to greater heights! :)


Firstly, congratulations to EMO Studios on turning one decade old! As much as I am privileged to pen my thoughts, I am extremely delighted to see your growth & achievements to date. My first contact with Alex's works started during the "Emotionally Engineered" days. From a referral to feature a final year engineering project in 1999/2000 to a wedding event which have left sweet memories for my family since 2003. Thank you for your commitment to excellence at work. It's my pleasure to be part of your photography journey. Keep it going, EMO! Your passion in photography and your contributions to the environment & society shall definitely make the world a better place. Cheers!

Kueh Hock Chye

I have a great time learning basic photography from my mentor and friend Alex Siew. A warm, friendly & knowledgeable instructor. He challenges us to think out of the box during his classes and field trips. I went on to learn more on photography by attending his intermediate class so that i can utilize and understand more on getting the better photo. I had lots of fun during the Malacca trip, the specially made portable fan, the makan session, the trip to the mosque at the seaside. I took lots of nice photos. The endless fun session of macro shoot at Botanic garden. Just waiting for the perfect moment to press the shutter after the subjects settle down. I was honor to have my mentor doing the photo shoot for my wedding. my folks love it very much. Thank you my mentor & friend for bringing me joy via photography.

Tan Eng Howe

Continue to do what you do best and create beautiful pictures

Christine Yen

Emo-studios provides great photography services and always strive to capture the best shots possible.
Working for many years now, they understand our business and the deliverables.

Marjory Kho

Alex is a very professional and committed photographer and individual who never fails to deliver quality work. I strongly recommend him as a photographer, if anyone is looking for unique and great photo shots! Keep up the good work, Alex and continue to inspire!

Melvin Poh

We engaged Alex to take photos of our completed building projects. With his brilliant angles and excellent lighting, the results were perfect! Alex's professionalism coupled with his easy-going personality makes him my first-choice photographer!

Alice Ho

Got to know Alex and Emo studios through NTUC young photographers program. I'm very impressed with this young man of his passion to involve more people into the love of photography through such activities. He made the lessons fun yet effective. In fact all the students only have good feedback about him. I also like the fact that he keeps in contact with us despite us having left the program for many years. So indeed, Alex and Emo Studios lives up to the name of treating their customers as family!

Lee Hoo Kok

Congratulations on your achievement. It is with your sharing that budding photographers sees differently through the lens in our hands. Keep up the good work and continue to show us the world in a different perspective.

Kiki Tay

Always amazing to see your work, full of passion and creativity! Here's wishing you many great years ahead! With Love & Admiration

Hannah Lee

EMO Studios has always been our preferred photographer for our corporate events! The photographers are professional but at the same time warm & friendly.It's been a pleasure working with EMO over the years. Thank you and we wish you the best!

Ken Koo

Congratulations! 10 years is a long time and represents the most critical formative years of your life. 10 Years is a big sacrifice and a statement of your belief and commitment to your art. 10 years is also a solid proof that your art has been appreciated by your clients. 10 years is a history of focused pursuit that anyone can be proud of. I wish you and the studio many more fruitful 10 years!

Iris Tan

Thanks for your continuous support and partnership with Eitan. We are happy to have you as our partner. You are professional, detailed and always deliver more than our expectation. We also appreciate your quick turnaround time. May we have more opportunities to work together soon. Cheers to many years of abundance and fruitful journey of Emo-Studios !

Kwok Kum Wah

I had a wonderful time attending your photography lessons which were very lively and fun. And had the pleasure getting to know liked-minded photography enthusiast classmates. I really cherished the times we were together learning and sharing.

Ashley Chua

You have the innate ability to engage with your subjects even in fairly large groups. After all, photography isn't just about placing objects in a static space, but also about building a bond with the subject at that moment in time. To many more good years!

Zoharah bte Mohamed

What can I have been with my family and I capturing our special moments. Your ability to bring life to the shots is undeniable. Precious moments are forever encapsulated by your keen eye for that one perfect take. Thank you.

Chia Ei Ei

On behalf of my students, I would really like to express our deepest gratitude to Alex for giving them not just good photography lessons but inspiration and motivation. Thank you for always looking out for opportunities to let them learn more and showcase their is not easy to find an inspirational photographer with a heart for education. All the best to Emo Studios and many more decades to come.

Ho Min Chieh

I had the honour of working with Alex and his team with my students last year. It was an enriching and fun experience learning about photography with Alex, both for my students and myself. It was wonderful to see how Alex had bonded with the students through his warm personality and through photography. As the students gained skills in photography, and they had also learnt life skills and perseverance. May Emo Studios continue to flourish and spread the love and wonder of photography to people of all ages and all walks of life.

Jennie Chong

Alex & team are a great team to work with...We get to know him from his photography work with us at Republic Polytechnic. Alex is very customer-oriented, he does his photography work very professionally & with GREAT Passion, he provides us with valuables inputs to ensure our photos turned out well. Kudos!


Alex has always been a humble, positive and inspiring photographer. It was great joy working with him and you knew you can depend on him for his photos. He makes pictures come alive and inject his positivity into them. It therefore came as no surprise that Emo-studios has done well over these past years and will continue to grow and glow in many more years to come!

Lynda Soong

It has been a pleasure working with you in the early days of my organisation's set-up, which I remember fondly. Your photos stood out, as did your dedication and professionalism.

Jaime Peh

Alex is a humble guy and my residents have learnt a lot about photography from him. My residents were full of praises for this guy who is full of homour. For myself, I have got a good impression abt Emo Studios through close working relationship with him. Alex & Tiny work closely together and both are very responsive and willing to lend a helping hand whenever I needed help. Looking forward to more collaborations and continue to spread the love for photography!

Carol Chai

Got to know Alex 8 years back when we engaged him as our photographer for our wedding day. He's easy going, sincere and would get to know his clients better before the event. He captured many precious moments on that special day which we simply love it. Thanks Alex for capturing our memories!

Aree Fooy

A company led by a man dedicated to a vision, it's been a pleasure working with Alex and the team, both on a corporate and personal basis. Wishing Emo Studios many more years of success.

Grace Lee

EMO studio is unique. They are "3Ps & 4Ss" : 1) Professional 2) Patient 3) Passion I am very impress with their : 1) Skill 2) Speed 3) Services 4) Sincere They are willing to share their experiences and ideas whether you take up their service or not. Alex and Team, Keep It Up.

Charmaine Tan

It's been a pleasure working with Alex and his team. Alex is a seasoned professional who knows how to unobtrusively get the right shots. We know our event is in good hands when Alex is our photographer :)

James Chong

Glad for Alex's due success for his knowledge & passion to share and teach the skill he has harnessed. Have learnt so much to from him for my love in Birding photography around the world. Engaged his services for my development projects in Indonesia & of course much welcomed by the international clients. Drone videoing of a mangrove property larger than 300 hectares is no small task but he did it without any hassle. Wish you the very best in your future ventures.

Hanshi Wu

I love working with Alex and Tiny. Every session was handled with professionalism and creativity with a lovely touch of personalization. Alex's compelling sense of photography skills bring stories to your eyes. He never fails to plant seeds in his students by having fantastic classes and inspires us to grow our photography skills thereafter. Tiny, she is a very lovely lady to work with. Every class was managed with great care and details. Both together, you will experience a wonderful team in a journey of great joy and memories. I look forward to work with them in the near future.

Brenda Iwan

It was a breeze and thoroughly enjoyable to work with Alex. The humor and down-to-earth demeanor puts ppl at ease easily. His professionalism shines through even more when he was such a pleasant working partner!

Thomas Chew

Although it might sounded easy with simple clicks of camera & video, with your hardwork & determination you have transformed your work into art. Your passion captured & bring back many people's memories of their's greatest, happiest, proudest & fondest moments of theirs life. Alex, carry on with your great works & continue to light up people's lives for many years to come.

Kee Wei Shern

I've seen how you grew your business, your portfolio and the smiles on your clients over the years. It's no easy feat. The level of professionalism you've displayed over the years, is amazing. Still the same level of enthusiasm as you started out. I wish you many more great years of innovating, progressing and success.

Stephen Tan

I know Alex through both corporate n personal engagement of his professional services. No doubt about his quality, reliability n reputable services rendered. Aside from been biz to biz relationship, I have also come to know Alex as a loving hubby, caring father and a much desired family man. His sincere outreach to community service to provide free photography lessons and education is a hallmark of a business man that can blend making a professional living with humane compassion in-spite of his succes. Well done Alex & team. Keep it up. Wish you all the very best of future success.

Jahan De Silva

It has been a privilege to have been part of your journey and we have been truly blessed to have had the pleasure of working with you. Your photographs have always managed to tell our story and they have always surpassed our expectations. We applaud you for your dedication and discipline to this craft, which is quickly being saturated by anyone with a camera, and for not compromising your high standards just for financial gain. Your passion and drive can be seen when you converse with students or at a shoot, and we look forward to seeing you continue growing in the same vein. We wish you continued success not only in the field of photography but in your personal life as well. We hope that EMO Studios continues to be the successful enterprise that it is and that we will work together for many years to come. !

Tay Poh Choo

I am very glad to have been part of your journey and certainly have enjoyed working with you (Alex especially) through the years. Emo Studios is professional and personal. It is creative and value-for-money. It is flexible and resourceful. But what I valued most was your passion and the positivity in every project, big or small. I wish you continued success and growth! Cheers!

Azhagiya Pandiyan

Alex Siew is a consummate professional, and delivers excellent photography and video services. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with him at Republic Polytechnic (RP). He was out point man for all important RP events. He has a warm and nice personality that matches the quality of his work. Would gladly recommend his photography services for any occasion.