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Learn a new skill

We strongly believe in bi-directional learning. While imparting our technical expertise and experience, we also grow and develop alongside our students. Adopting a problem-solving approach, we provide our students with limitless opportunities to learn and thrive.

Our Facilitator

As our facilitator often puts it, "It's like a two-way traffic with a roundabout on each end, creating an infinite feedback learning loop."

We're grateful to pursue our passion and thrilled to embark on this incredible journey with you.

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Chia Ei Ei

On behalf of my students, I would really like to express our deepest gratitude to Alex for giving them not just good photography lessons but inspiration and motivation. Thank you for always looking out for opportunities to let them learn more and showcase their is not easy to find an inspirational photographer with a heart for education. All the best to Emo Studios and many more decades to come.

Ho Min Chieh

I had the honour of working with Alex and his team with my students last year. It was an enriching and fun experience learning about photography with Alex, both for my students and myself. It was wonderful to see how Alex had bonded with the students through his warm personality and through photography. As the students gained skills in photography, and they had also learnt life skills and perseverance. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary, and may Emo Studios continue to flourish and spread the love and wonder of photography to people of all ages and all walks of life.


Patient, Caring, Innovative. Those are the words I will use to describe my working experience with Alex Siew. The readiness of the students in a class can range from beginner level all to way to advance level, and he was able to adjust his programme to fit the learning needs of the students. Beyond technical skills, he also develop students to be better photographer in terms of communicating with their subject matter, and very often the subject matter in the photos are people whom students have to photograph. Teaching them skills of communication and looking out for opportunities during event photography or studio photography. If you are someone who just started out in photography or have advance skills and wish to be challenged, Alex's programme is for you to develop your art making process through photography.


Alex goes the extra mile and takes time to understand the different profiles and learning needs of the students. This is evident in his detailed planning and how he carries out each lesson. His lessons have been highly engaging for the students. His planned activities and delivery keep students meaningfully engaged, while supporting their learning needs such that the students experience success in achieving targeted skills for the lesson.

Ms Pearl

Uses different modes of presentation (videos, songs, hands-on activities, games) to create a fun learning environment for the students. He injects occasional humour to make the lessons less boring. He tries his best to engage every student and pique their interest in photography. He includes rather meaningful yet simple activities for the students, so that most are able to do.

Kwek Ke Yuan

It's amazing to have you as my teacher in photography. You had laid a strong foundations for me. Hope to work with you more in the future, and can't wait to see more amazing shots from you.


Alex facilitates session engagingly and customise his programme to fit the needs of the students. He is able to encourage ownership in learning for the students while providing adequate support alongside them. He is also incorporate games and activities to make learning more enjoyable.

Ryan Chua

Congratulations!!! It's been wonderful working with Alex for our various workshops! Thank you for always doing a good job in inspiring the participants and ensuring they have a good time! Looking forward to many more collaborations with you!

Kenneth Khoo

Alex Siew actively encourages and guides the participants on the techniques and skills in handling filming equipment and the post-production works. He carries with him rich experience from the industry and shows effective ways to putting theory into practice.

Yonglun Liu

Alex is a great educator who can inspire those he teach. He has a passion for his craft and wants to share his joy of photography with the younger generation. Many more tens to come!

Kueh Hock Chye

I have a great time learning basic photography from my mentor and friend Alex Siew. A warm, friendly & knowledgeable instructor. He challenges us to think out of the box during his classes and field trips. I went on to learn more on photography by attending his intermediate class so that i can utilise and understand more on getting the better photo. Thank you my mentor & friend for bringing me joy via photography.

James Chong

Glad for Alex's due success for his knowledge & passion to share and teach the skill he has harnessed. Have learnt so much to from him for my love in Birding photography around the world. Engaged his services for my development projects in Indonesia & of course much welcomed by the international clients. Drone videoing of a mangrove property larger than 300 hectares is no small task but he did it without any hassle. Wish you the very best in your future ventures.

Hanshi Wu

I love working with Alex and Tiny. Every session was handled with professionalism and creativity with a lovely touch of personalization. Alex's compelling sense of photography skills bring stories to your eyes. He never fails to plant seeds in his students by having fantastic classes and inspires us to grow our photography skills thereafter. Tiny, she is a very lovely lady to work with. Every class was managed with great care and details. Both together, you will experience a wonderful team in a journey of great joy and memories. I look forward to work with them in the near future.